About Us

Green Meadows School is a “Green” school located in a quiet residential community very near to Srimanta Shankardev Kalakshetra commonly known as Kalakshetra which is a cultural institution in the Panjabari area of Guwahati, Assam, named after the medieval poet-playwright and reformer Srimanta Sankardev. Established in 2006 it was initially a Primary co-educational institution. With the untiring efforts of its founder Alhaj Makbul Ali, it transformed into a full-fledged High School. Finally the school got the CBSE affiliation from CBSE New Delhi in 2016. At present it has classes till class X. The co-educational school situated amongst lush greeneries, it has maintained its echo-friendly environment. Our campus includes classrooms, offices a fully-equipped Science Lab, a well-stocked Library, a music room, an open auditorium, playgrounds, projector room and a Computer Lab equipped with high-speed wireless access points.

The school's curriculum is well designed and useful in promoting and supporting students' learning and engagement. The school's values and vision are clearly evident in the environment. They are used to help students become independent learners and develop skills to interact successfully with others. Our aim is to provide learning programmes that are challenging and appropriate to the present and future needs of our children. The school recognises its responsibilities to meet the learning requirements of all children including those with special learning needs and within its general teaching programmes. Green Meadows School is widely regarded as a school that is providing a good quality education for all its students. The students participate in a range of interesting learning activities that are frequently linked to their own lives and the local community. Students are provided with a broad range of interesting and varied learning experiences, within and beyond the school. They have access to a wide variety of resources and technologies, to help engage them in learning.

“Education starts from the cradle and ends in the grave”.

Education can and should be a journey of enlightenment through which students graduate happy, healthy, and with the ability to use their full mental capacity. If we allow students to graduate without reaching their potential, then we cannot expect them to be happy well-adjusted individuals able to come up with the holistic solutions necessary to solve the many urgent problems facing our world today. Our Motto “Gateway to Enlightenment” focuses on the fact that Green Meadows School is a path to enlightenment which is the birthright of every individual.

In addition, Enlightenment means living one's full mental potential, and being in harmony with natural law. Our endeavour is to enlighten our students academically as well as morally. It is said “A person without character is like a boat without a radar”. So we at Green Meadows School try to inculcate moral values and ethics in our students to make them better citizens of tomorrow.

‘Gateway to Enlightenment’.

A leading school committed to providing holistic, excellent education for a changing world.

Our mission is to prepare our students to meet the challenges of a dynamic and changing world. We hope to create an atmosphere where studies, sports and co-curricular activities mould our students to make them the best in the fields.