The core value of the school curriculum of Polydimension draws its strength (as suggested by CBSE) by keeping pace with the 21st century and the global trends of educational transformation, as well as keeping in view that India is an independent nation with a rich variegated history, extraordinary complex cultural diversity and commitment to democratic values and general well-being.

At Polydimension children experience varied learning experiences according to a carefully integrated broad and balanced curriculum.

PRIMARY LEVEL ( Classes 1 to 5 )

The curriculum developed to match the stages of development of individual students is essentially practical and provide a happy caring environment where they can achieve success in a wide range of enjoyable activities.

English :

To develop the speaking, listening, reading, writing, spelling and handwriting skills the students are provided with various activities.

Mathematics :

Through practical situations and activities, the students acquire mathematical concepts and skills.


Through the use of the outdoor environment, field trips, school labs, the student's curiosity and reasoning power is stimulated. Through practical work they learn to acquire the skills of observation and develop their powers of deduction.

Indian Languages:

In class 3 students are introduced to Assamese. From class V students can opt for either Assamese or Sanskrit. Hindi is compulsory up to Class 8.

They are provided with regular opportunities to talk about their work in order to increase their confidence and all subjects are conducted in a happy and stable learning environment.

SECONDARY LEVEL ( Classes 6 to 10 )

Besides English and Mathematics, the students take up Science and Social Science.

Science :

Stimulates and excites students curiosity and are based on experiments and hands — on activities

History, Civics, Geography & Economics ( from class 9 ) are taught as Social Science. Students develop an interest in their past as well as present and through a project, research work, models and presentations.

At all levels, Informatics and Communication Technology, Music, Art, Craft, Yoga and Physical Education and Sport are core subjects of the curriculum.

SENIOR SECONDARY LEVEL ( Classes 11 & 12 )

For students opting for Science Stream, they can choose any 5 ( five ) subjects from the following subjects.

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Informatics Practices, Entrepreneurship, Health and Physical Education.

For students opting for Humanities Stream, they can choose any 5 ( five ) subjects from the following subjects - Economics, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, History, Informatics Practices, Mathematics, Business Studies, Health and Physical Education.

For students opting for Commerce Stream, they can choose any 5 ( five ) subjects from the following subjects - Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Informatics Practices, Geography, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education.

English is compulsory for all three Streams.