General Rules of the Academy

The following rules are to have strictly adhered.

• Students must reach the school campus at least 10 minutes before the commencement of the morning assembly. It is mandatory for each and every student to be present at the morning assembly.
• No student will be allowed to leave the school campus during the school hours. Prior permission has to be taken from the school authority for leave during school hours. Reason and time of leave has to be mentioned properly in the school hand book and signed by the parents.
• In order to develop the skill of English language students are restricted from speaking any other language other than English in the school campus.
• The school hand book should be brought to school daily as all notices and communications with the parents will be made through the school hand book.
• Any kind of misbehavior, use of indecent language, indulgence in any kind of violence or any such act that may be deemed unlawful by the school authority will invite immediate termination of such students from the school.
• Students with incorrect uniform will not be allowed to enter the school premises.
• Parents should feel free to discuss any matter regarding their children with the teachers or principal with prior appointments.
• Parents are not allowed to meet their children inside the school premises during school hours.
• Students who are absent should bring a leave note written from their parents in the space provided in the school hand book immediately on the day they come to school. Parents should mention the reason of absence, number of days absent along with their signature. Students who are absent for more than 4 (four) days will have to give a medical certificate to the principal or else prior permission will have to be taken from the principal.
• Students are not allowed to bring non-vegetarian and junk food in their lunch box.
• Any kind of sharp objects are not allowed in the school.
• School authority is not responsible for loss of any valuables.
• Nail paint or any kind of colourful designing ( eg. Mehendi) in any part of the body is not allowed. Mobile phones and any kind of gadgets are not allowed inside the school premises (even during school functions). If confiscated by the school it will not be returned back.